Hannah created Shamama, so that she can connect with those called to her, to share her medicine and bring people together in a sacred and supportive space.

She uses Shamanic techniques and practices originating from the Andean Shaman Tradition. She is also a Registered Womb Healer, Intuitive Oracle Card Reader and Lover of nature, bringing people together and helping them to shed their old skins, helping to reclaim sovereignty and create a new story in their life of empowerment, freedom, love and joy.

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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - French Philosopher

Shamanic Practitioner

As a Shamanic Practitioner, it is my goal to assist YOU in releasing heavy energy that keeps you feeling stuck and to assist you living a more authentic and free, true-to-yourself life.

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Keeper of the
Womb Rites


After having received the Womb Rites - the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki, I have been positively DRIVEN to share this blessing with many others!

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Oracle Reader

Reading Oracle cards for myself and others has been a natural path for me for as long as I can remember. Showing what lies beneath the surface, confirmations and limitless potentials!

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The Drum is a conduit, that allows for you to journey into a deep, meditative state so that you can meet your Power Animal, A Guide, A Soul Part and so much more!

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Shamama's Recommended Reading

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Mapping The Yoniverse
with Samantha Zipporah

I had not long began taking my first steps into discovering what my Yoni was all about, when an event popped up on my timeline. An evening with Samantha Zipporah 'Mapping the Yoniverse' and was immediately drawn to be there, I had no idea why, but I went Anyway.

A group of women came together, different ages, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, sharing stories, thoughts and feelings on our Yoni's and listened to each other, held in safety and sacredness, able to express and explore our relationship with our Yoniverse.

At the centre of it all, was this wonderful book filled with information and colouring pages that assist you with getting to know your Yoniverse and becoming friends with your Yoni.

This book is an absolute 'Must Have' tool and is put together in such a beautiful way that it is accessible to any woman, throughout any stage of her life, wherever she is at. I highly recommend this book and I envision it to be an amazing must have tool for those with young daughters who want them to take their first steps into womanhood with a deeper, more profound and intimate knowledge of their Yoni's and the Power within themselves.

Of course I do not want to limit this book to women only as It is definitely an amazing tool to use for boys, young men and mature men to help them to develop a healthy understanding and respect for a woman's Yoni and a woman's power and boundaries. I will never stop recommending this book!

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